NMSCC provides students with the opportunity to learn in a structured environment that will assist them in building character, leadership skills, professionalism, and discipline. Additionally the program focuses on “Life Skills” courses that support the district and state agencies' objectives regarding drugs, theft, personal nutrition character education, various academics and first aid education.  The curriculum is full of fun, engaging, and challenging activities and will expose students to a variety of experiences designed to help them grow emotionally and academically while stressing the importance of personal responsibility. The program allows for a broader range of electives that would not be otherwise offered.  Objectives of the NMSCC program include:

  • Leadership
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Character Development
  • Self-Management
  • Health and Fitness
  • Problem-Solving

NMSCC curriculum focuses on the course subjects through a variety of hands on experiences.  Math and science are supported through map reading, compass exercises, and service projects.  English/Language Arts is developed in classwork, vocabulary and written reports and presentations designed to educate the instructor and principal of the events and needs of the NMSCC program.  Social studies is reinforced in studying the basis for laws and regulations of our land, global awareness, flag customs, and the historical events that have been experienced by our nation.  Nutrition and physical fitness are continually reinforced through nutritional lessons,

weekly physical fitness training, and JAMmin Minute®, a daily fitness activity.  Classroom content is reinforced through laboratories such as service learning, drill, and fitness challenges.

Extra-Curricular Activities

NMSCC activities are not limited to the classroom.  Students have opportunities to participate in a number of extra-curricular events.

Ceremonial Drill:  Students are able to develop precision and timing while working with peers.  This activity serves as a leadership laboratory where students can practice their leadership skills.

Color Guard:  Students who are held to the highest standards of appearance, bearing, and discipline represent the program at parades and community events. Again, another opportunity to hone leadership and communication skills

Physical Fitness Training:  Promotion of a healthy lifestyle through physical activities and competitions.

Community Service/Service Learning:  Civic engagement is a tool that allows students to help improve the community in which they live while discovering their passions or interests. Service Learning takes community service quantum leaps forward by reinforcing classroom content through the opportunity for students to apply their knowledge, develop skills and build character via service

* Optional Field Trips are a chance for students to get to know their peers and supporters outside of the school environment and to have fun. 

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