Benefits of the NMSCC
As a member of the NMSCC you are a part of an organization that is impacting our young people across all aspects of their school experiences. Schools are able to participate in the annual conference which exposes districts to their fellow members from across the nation.  This provides access to the best practices used in other areas.  In Wichita ISD a longitudinal study conducted by the district statistician indicated that 79.9% of the students who had been enrolled in the leadership program graduated from high school compared to the 64.1% from the standard student body.  Over a  three-year period, those students enrolled in the leadership program at the middle school level showed an increase in Math Assessments test of 30% and roughly 20% in reading.  With a focus on supporting the core subjects and in an environment that encourages academic growth and development,  the NMSCC provides a vehicle to propel our middle school students forward.  Being a member provides a means to accomplish this across state and district boundaries.

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